Do you rely on the overscan feature? Known issue for 3.4 beta


Beta users – we need your answer:

@testers: Do any of you rely on the overscan feature on Endless OS?

We are thinking of publishing a beta version for the upcoming 3.4 major release where there is a known issue of this feature being broken. We’d like to get the 3.4 beta out ASAP though so that we can see how it’s doing overall.

If enough people use the overscan issue in this beta testing group, we’ll prioritize fixing the issue since it would affect those using Endless One, Endless Mini, or Mission devices. Please let us know if you think you’ll be affected!


I will not be affected

How can i get 3.4 Beta?
We have some problems in Russia. Our authorities are trying to block Telegram, without any result, of course. But some resources, such as endless os forum, periodically fall off (:
So, after command `sudo eos-stage-ostree demo` and rebooting my laptop i get 3.3.16 again.
What am I doing wrong?

I’m sorry, I’m very hasty and inconsiderate and never read the post completely. (: I think that I will not be affected.


Not yet released beta


Yes, i see now. I didn’t read post attentively.


Note: we fixed all known issues with overscan for the beta in the end.

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