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So far I’ve been using Endless OS 3.5.9 But when a new release came out I’d do an update every time - I’d see what had changed and, alas, go back to 3.5.9 Typically I wasn’t happy with something.

  1. If my memory doesn’t change, starting from 3.6.0 the Nautilus window stops opening at the last used place on the screen and every time a new Nautilus launch, the window always opens at the center of the screen. I do not like this.
  2. In 3.7.5 it is the same. Also, Nautilus does not show a preview of the graphics files jpg and png in the list. All graphics files have the same icon. Although there is a preview in the settings.
  3. LibreOffice. When you run several different types of files, all files (Calc, Writer, Impress) in the taskbar are grouped into one common list-button. This is very uncomfortable. If I run 3.5.9, the lists are individual.

I probably wouldn’t be so upset if I could roll back to 3.5.9 as before. Alas, I’ve lost this opportunity. Only the latest version is uploaded to (3.7.5).

Can somebody help with download link? I need a basic eos 3.5.9 iso image. I would appreciate any help.

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You’re welcome:

Thank you very much.
A bit of bad luck - iso 3.5.9 was not published. I just checked the release comment. But 3.5.8 is on the list.
Thank you for your help.

Interesting – on my system (running the internal development branch that will become 3.8.0, but the version of Nautilus and other relevant components is the same) Nautilus remembers its position. I’d be interested in the output of this command, which shows the Nautilus configuration:

gsettings list-recursively org.gnome.nautilus

On my system I see previews when in the grid view, but not in the list view.

This is a known issue – thanks for the detail that it behaved differently on 3.5.9.

I’m regrets, if you need the Nautilus configuration on 3.7.5)
I reinstalled the system on 3.5.8 and everything started to work as I needed it.
Configuration accordingly nautilus(EOS 3.5.8).txt (3.1 КБ)

Yes, we will be unable to diagnose why these features aren’t working for you on the latest release if you are not running the latest release!

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