Downloading Apps via App-Center doesn't work


eos-diagnostic-190228_122723_UTC 0100.txt (639,4 KB)

  1. Open the application called ‘Terminal’
  2. In this application run the command:

flatpak install eos-apps -y && eos-add-to-desktop


Thanks for your help. Now this error is displayed:


@wjt @ramcq Could help?


A strange problem. Please can you open a terminal window, run the following two commands, and paste their output here:

ostree refs
ls -l /var /var/lib /var/lib/flatpak /var/lib/flatpak/app /var/lib/flatpak/app/


I didn’t know: Is the first sign in the second line a “1” or a “l”? So I
tried different commands.

Will Thompson schrieb am Mi., 6. März 2019,


It’s a lower-case L, and they are two separate commands. So you got the first one right, but not the second! You should copy-paste the commands into the terminal window, not try to type them out.

What’s the output of this command?

find /ostree/repo/ -name runtime | xargs ls -ld


Unfortunately, because of dumb regulations I can send only one image in one
Now im sending 4 mails. :roll_eyes:

Am Do., 7. März 2019 um 12:07 Uhr schrieb Matthias Jerlitschka <>:


You can use this forum through your web browser at Downloading Apps via App-Center doesn't work if you’re having trouble with email. You can also copy and paste the output of the commands and send it as text, rather than as a screenshot.

But this first screenshot gives us some information to work with. Please run these commands:

sudo mv /ostree/repo/refs/remotes/flathub/runtime $HOME
file $HOME/runtime

Now try logging out, logging in, and checking for updates in the app center.


Now this output appears:


Are you able to upload the “runtime” file from your home directory somewhere and link to it here?

In any case:

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@Matthias_Jerlitschka are you now able to install apps?