Dual boot install

I have tried twice to install as a dual boot on my HP Elite 820 G1. At the end of the step 3: i.e. installation, it ends in an error e won’t install. Attached the Endlessinstaller log file.
Thanks for any help
GianpieroEndlessInstaller20211205_10_54_47.log (657,5 KB)

Sorry, this is a known issue where systems with a legacy BIOS are apparently mis-detected as UEFI systems.

Please can you follow the “Method 1” steps in https://www.easyuefi.com/resource/check-windows-is-booted-in-uefi-mode.html and post a screenshot of the System Information app showing the BIOS Mode row?

thanks a lot for your attention. The screenshot is here attached.


Thanks! I’ve gathered some more information from my colleague @vanessa.chang who can also reproduce this issue and am working on a fix.

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