Dual-booting with Windows 11

Windows 11 is currently available as an “Insiders” preview. I’m curious whether anybody has tried dual-booting Endless OS with Windows 11, either by upgrading an existing dual-boot installation to Windows 11, or by running the Endless Installer for Windows afresh on a Windows 11 system?

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EOS setup exe wont start… maybe Windows 11 is not yet finalize , let’s wait till the final release on Oct 5.

Thank you for testing. Can you give more information on what happens when you try to start it? Do you see a log file in the same directory as the installer exe?

Nothing… not even run the exe file. When i click the exe file, nothing. There’s no log file.
the only thing i notice a blank notepad added beside the exe file. I really love endless OS, i use this as my private OS . Hope it will rectify as soon as possible

You can see 4 notepad , meaning i try to install it 4 times and nothing happen.

Anything interesting in Event Viewer?

I upgraded my Windows 10 PC to Windows 11 and the installer worked flawlessly. Can you check that those log files really are empty? It would be interesting to know what’s different about your Windows 11 system to mine.

Yes it’s empty,… Windows 11 Home -Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.194.0.

I’ve uploaded a debug build of the development branch of the installer to https://user.fm/files/v2-a3a0037d00cda9b7f2b60bf3689949fb/EndlessUsbTool-43f179336599be93fe08d2ef668d25cc77206b14.exe. It’s just the debug artefact from https://github.com/endlessm/rufus/runs/3701847167 but I don’t think one can download that without being logged in. Can you try running this from the command line and seeing if you get any more interesting results?

Is there anything of interest in the system event log?

Screenshot 2021-09-29 044352

Could you get a stack trace? Reading https://stackoverflow.com/a/24209279 it seems to be possible to use “procdump” without having to install the whole Windows C++ SDK. If you can get a dump file and send it to me I can look at it in development tools on this side.

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