DVD-video on Flathub

Good afternoon.

  1. Is it possible to see the DVDStyler application on Flathub?
  2. In the latest version of the Avidemux application, there seems to be no XviD codec. Is it possible to download the codec separately in Endless OS?

Hello, Leandro!
I read on the Avidemux forum about this problem that XviD is outdated. Isn’t MPEG2 outdated? Nevertheless, MPEG2 is present in the application. What is the logic?
My old DVD player cannot play AVI created with MPEG4 ASP.

And what is the answer about DVDStyler on Flathub, Leandro?
Is there any hope that he will appear?


          \_`-)|_      maybe CDemu as-flatpak?
       ,""       \                         
     ,"  ## |   ಠ ಠ.                       
   ," ##   ,-\__    `.                      
 ,"       /     `--._;)


Well. Thank you, of course.

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