Email about learning to code in Endless

I’m wondering when endless will be released with the features on learning to code? I watched a video on about these features. I’m not sure when they will be included in Endless OS? Sorry waiting for an .iso so I can avoid having to create a bootable usb which isn’t desirable when wanting to run the OS in virtual box.

Not my department so I can’t say when those features will be in Endless OS.

I’m hoping we’ll be releasing ISOs pretty soon; but in the meantime, if you want to run Endless OS in VirtualBox you don’t have to create a USB, just follow these instructions:

I asked around; around (northern hemisphere) summer, I’d expect.

Ok thanks for the information. Yeah the one big complaint I have is in regards to deployment. Namely aside from no ISO I was going to install EOS along side Ubuntu MATE 16.10 only to find that the bootable usb didn’t have an option to actually install the OS. I can understand trying to establish brand that is unique but to totally move away from the way almost every distribution out there using bootable USB devices also give the option to search “install” and it will open the installer.

Our ISOs will support doing that. You can already assemble a bootable USB stick with an “install” icon (actually, “reformat”) using this script:

But: we do not support installing Endless OS on the same physical drive as another Linux distribution. The only supported configurations are:

  • Endless OS occupies the whole disk
  • Endless OS installed alongside Windows, using an image file on your Windows system drive

It’s probably possible to install Endless OS alongside Ubuntu MATE manually if you’re experienced enough, but note that you need to use Endless OS’s version of GRUB to boot Endless OS – we’ve patched it to understand our OSTree-based distribution.