Emasculated Thunderbird

OK the lock-down of Apps has in someway locked the location of the local folders to a location Thunderbird e mail says is not compatible. It is impossible to reset this to where I want it to be i.e. in my Dropbox folder where my local files folder is located so it is available in a synchronised form on all of my computers. One it cannot be changed and two it is not possible to brows to the folder in the home folder as most of what is in there does not show up in the navigation. I need this feature to be able to use Thunderbird e mail effectively. How can I one unlock the location and two direct it to a location that does not show up in navigation?

  1. Open the application called ‘Terminal’
  2. In this application run the command:

flatpak override --filesystem=home org.mozilla.Thunderbird

When put in as is I get “error Too many arguments”
sorry I am not a linux user for long dabbled with Ubuntu but more Mac and Windows and not a lot of command line!

To override permissions, you need to execute them in the Terminal as root:

sudo flatpak override --filesystem=home org.mozilla.Thunderbird

It will ask for your password. Enter it. When the command has been finished, you can verify the new permission with:

flatpak info --show-permissions org.mozilla.Thunderbird

This will output all the permissions granted to the given Application. In case of Thunderbird, it should look like:


[Session Bus Policy]

The relevant part here is the filesystems entry, which now contains home.

Thank you so much for that Worked first time. Now I have all my baggage along with me again!
Again thank you all.