Empty user menu

in the lower left corner I find the endless logo, but there is no menu. It allows me only to minimize all windows and show the desktop. Endless was preinstalled on this laptop.

eos-diagnostic-180111_191032_UTC 0100.txt (506.7 KB)


That is the expected behaviour since EOS 3.2. See the “Changes to the User Menu” section of the release notes in https://community.endlessos.com/t/release-endless-os-version-3-2/2794 :

Changes to the User Menu

The user menu has moved from the bottom left of the screen to the bottom right. In its place, the Endless logo on the left will now take you straight to your desktop. Just press the button once to hide all of your open windows and access your desktop – and then press it again to get back to the open windows that you just had.

Hope that clarifies the situation,


Thanks. Yes that clarifies.

I remember several (most probably older) postings referencing the user
menu in the bottom left corner with the endless logo, especially referencing user
menu-> settings.
This was a bit misleading.