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Is there any particular website specially containing software’s compatible for ENDLESS version 3, or something more likely, a portal where to find all the alternative apps, software’s and other important downloads present for software’s most downloaded and used world wide by different OS users(Window, MAC) recently. If there’s also any possible ways to make any download compatible with ENDLESS 3 OS then please go ahead and help.


As of version 3.0 Endless OS has adopted Flatpak, a new application distribution system

The best way to accomplish your goal is to make Flatpaks of those Windows games or applications that either bundle Wine or use a shared Wine runtime. And while that’s not one of Endless’s own goals, there are people working on it and we will benefit from that work.

Help the Lutris project https://lutris.net/donate


@leo912 What version of Endless OS are you using?
To check which version of Endless OS you are in Settings :arrow_right: Details


endless 3.2.2 (170714-005624). That’s the OS version I am using. Its true that Endless OS is very secure and different in better ways than other OS, but still even with the 100 apps per-installed, many requires codes to be compatible for using recent technologies file type. I haven’t used much as i bought it just a week ago then also i faced a bit problem while playing video of .mp4 type and from there i came to know about codec and plugin. It not just end here as I am a Computer Engineer I need software related for programming and coding to develop websites and android apps. And my progress is very slow and I am sure if it would had any other OS I would have increased my progress by more that 50%. But I faced a lot of problem doing so and the present scenario is that i haven’t moved a bit, that’s why Ii came here when no other options where left. I haven’t researched about Flatpak so Ii cant talk much about, I just find that it can open options from simple google search but now when someone is telling in behalf of Endless then I’ll for sure go ahead and try it. Further lets hope for the best and will see how thing go ahead. Many thanks for the assistance. Please be assisting further too as I don’t know any thing about Flstpak.


@leo912 upgrade to the latest version of Endless OS 3.5.1 will appear more applications in the App Center for you to download

Settings :arrow_right: Details :arrow_right: Look for updates

You will upgrade to Endless OS 3.3.19 and then repeat the same procedure to upgrade to the latest version of Endless OS 3.5.1


Sir, I tried to install VLC from flathub.org to resolve my audio/video issue (mentioned earlier) but its not responding. I didn’t find android developing software there also neither ADOBE Illustrator. Pls Assist.


Have you updated to Endless OS 3.5.1?


Currently Adobe Illustrator is not compatible with Endless OS you can use the Gravit Designer, Inkscape, Krita alternatives that are available in the App Center. Since Endless OS 3.2.5, Flathub is enabled by default


Yes Sir, 3.5.1 (181115-225757) is my OS now, I believe most of the software’s like photoshop, videopad and any audio related files wont be accessible on Endless specificity but the (relative) options is always present. But I had the issue with VLC, is flathub.org is authentic enough because I didn’t found any thing in the previous links or on the official site? Its kind of a appeal to be open and keep developing sources used to make more relative software’s as a replacement for FAMOUS softwares.


Everything is going smooth till far and was real glad to find android studio. Got almost everything needed but just Mobirise is the software I am unable to find alternatives of. Please guide


Download Pingendo for Linux: https://pingendo.com/download.html
Go to properties :arrow_right: Permissions and lets run the file as a program


THANKS A LOT SIR…:slight_smile:


After doing the above mentioned the program runs, but its not smooth, 3 out of 4 times it crashes and its on a trial.

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