Endless 4.0 on Pinebook Pro

The image was available when I looked this morning, so I downloaded and installed it. It is up and running pretty well. Thanks to the developers for supporting the Pinebook Pro with an updated OS.

Overall things are running about the same as they did with the earlier release, perhaps a tad faster and smoother. I backed up my prior install with Deja Dup which worked well and I saved the backup to an external drive connected via USB. When I went to restore my backup to get back to where I was I found that the external HD was not recognized.

I am not sure why that is, I save the backup to it. The harddrive shows up on other systems via the same enclousure and usb connection, so I do not know why Endless is not seeing it. Endless 4 is recognizing thumb drives, however it is not recognizing attached hard drives.

Most matters seem to be about the same as they were before. The internal speakers do not work to make sound. The webcam appears to work, creates a file listed as .jpeg, but there is no image in the file.

The machines seems to sleep and more important it seems to wake up, huge improvement there. Thanks so much.

Overall I am a very happy camper. I might get some work out of this machine afterall. Thanks and have a nice day.

Thanks for the feedback!
I’d be surprised if the sleep/resume thing got fixed, since we did not make any recent changes in this area that I can think of. Anyway, if it’s working, no complaints of course!

For your HDD it might be a power issue - you might want to check all the USB ports on the device in case one of them can issue more power than another, you could also look for any possibility to connect an external power supply, or if you happen to have a USB hub that has an AC adapter so that it can self-power the devices…

We did make progress on the audio setup so expect a future OS update to make that work better!

Sleep really does not work well at all, what has improved is that the screen goes blank according to the settings and perhaps more important the screen comes back or reliably even if off overnight.

Using a powered hub was the trick to get the backup drive recognized, which begs the question of how I created the backup in the first place. That was not sufficient though to restore, Deja Dub failed to restore the files citing “does not have sufficient permissions to write to location”. I just dumped the backup into a folder and moved the files into place using Files.

The Pinebook Pro is doing fairly well. Thanks again for the new release.

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