Endless blog: Collaborating Across Nonprofits to Close the Student Digital Divide

How Teach For America and Endless OS Foundation are reconnecting students in the USA.

A student-centric program launched at the pandemic’s start.

The Digital Divide is a gargantuan foe demanding collaborations that will be more impactful than results achieved via individual actions. At Endless OS Foundation (EOSF) collaboration is critical to our success as a nonprofit fighting digital inequity issues like student access to technology and the growing homework gap. That’s why in May of 2020, we partnered with Teach For America (TFA), who works with schools in low-income communities across the U.S., to help support some of the country’s digitally disconnected students.

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How does someone donate a device to this effort?

Hi @njakes, many thanks for your interest in supporting this initiative!

We don’t currently have a structure where we can receive and process hardware donations. However, I would recommend reaching out to Teach For America to see if they would be able to accept this directly. And please keep an eye on our blog & forums for any future initiatives where there may be opportunities for community involvement :slight_smile: