Endless blog: Making PCs more affordable for millions of people

Endless is launching another program to increase PC access equity in the USA

By Rob McQueen

In 2021 there are still millions of students in the United States living without a proper PC at home, unable to excel in the way that their fellow students with PCs can. In addition, more than half of Americans (56%) say they are living “paycheck to paycheck”. The inability of these families to purchase or finance a computer in this climate is one of the biggest –if not THE biggest– barriers to digital access. So, at Endless we are designing a path for families to purchase their own affordable and powerful laptop – on their terms.

We are exploring a new type of program in the USA that will allow families needing a PC at home to enter into a flexible payment and financing plan towards ownership – if they can afford approximately $1 a day. We feel that this program could significantly help to further bridge the Digital Divide, and close what we call the “affordability gap”.

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$500 laptops are definitely the sweat spot in terms of capabilities for the cost. It might be useful to launch via crowdfunding. That way the order will be split between financed with PAYG and outright.

If you consider the crowdfunding as part of it - back in 2014 I did a survey for $500 Linux laptops with more open firmware.