Endless is not booting


I’ve installed the Endless OS on my Asus VivoBook X512-FL. Here is the configuration of my laptop.

  1. Intel Core i7 8th Generation processor
  2. Windows 10 Home OS (pre-installed)
  3. 250GB SSD ( windows and endless installed on it)
  4. 1TB HDD
  5. 8GB RAM
  6. 2GB nvidia graphic card.

I’ve installed endless basic OS along with windows and it installed without any error. I’ve restarted and it displays the selection of the OS. either windows or endless. But when I select the endless OS. Nothing happens. Just a black screen and nothing. I’ve waited for more than 15 minutes but nothing happens. Windows is booting correctly and working fine but I can’t boot up the endless OS and it seems it’s frozen before booting.

Please help me with this.

Thanks & Regards,
Azhar :slight_smile:

Hi, @Azhar_Munshi!

Did you follow this process to install Endless alongside Windows?

How do I install Endless OS alongside Windows?


Yes, I have followed the instructions and it’s installed painlessly.

However, I can now boot the Endless OS but there is still something wrong. When I use the command ‘sudo apt-get update’ and it can’t connect to the server.

Also, sometimes app store is working and sometime its not. When I access the chrome, app store is loading and it’s loading and loading and nothing happens.

Thanks and Regards,
Azhar Munshi

Welcome to the Endless community! What exactly do you see on screen at this point? Can you post a screenshot?