Endless OS does not boot on Macmini 2011

Hello friends, I’ve been trying for several days to install Endless OS on a 2011 MacMini, but when I select Drive to boot, it freezes the screen, and doesn’t go away, I left it for a few hours to see if it was just a matter of time. but it doesn’t go past this screen.
I would like to know if…

Is there a way to solve this problem?

I want to install it, so that the Mac is dedicated to Endless (without dual boot)

I tested the same installation on other computers, including those with much inferior hardware, they ran smoothly, so I believe the problem is with the MAC

Tell me if anyone has ever managed this type of installation.

I have an old 2010 17" MacBook Pro and have tried several times to get Endless installed. I have never had any success with the same experience you note. After selecting the boot drive, the system just freezes and stays that way until I force a restart.

The latest Debian Bookworm does boot, install and run fine on the machine and it is my hope that when Endless rebases on Bookworm that Endless too will finally run and install.

Hi Wove,

I gave up trying Endless, after I saw that the same flashdrive that didn’t work on the Mac mini worked perfectly on 2 other PCs that were much inferior to it, so I saw that the problem was actually compatibility.
I decided to test POP OS, and I’m loving it, in addition to bringing a visual experience very close to the Mac, it’s more fluid than the last Mac OS that ran on my Mini, and in some aspects it’s better.

I was just sad because I’m passing this Mac on to my daughter and I wanted her to have access to Endless’ educational content.

Ah yes, Macs have compatibility problems with lots of Linux Distros. That vintage of Mac does run about any Linux distro that is based on Ubuntu 22.04. I have PopOS running in Gnome Boxes on Endless. Pop is an interesting OS, but not really designed for kids. I imagine though you could easily run Endless OS in Gnome boxes on PopOS and your daughter could have fun learning experiences that way.

Endless is an excellent OS for kids. I have set up Endless for my Grandkids and they have great fun with it. I have Endless running on a Lenovo X230t, an old tablet laptop hybrid. When the Grandkids are over we have fun with the stylus drawing silly pictures.

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