Endless OS for a HTPC


I am new to Endless OS and I would like to install Endless OS on a HTPC because your EOS Shell is perfect for this (Netflix, DaZn, Deezer…)
Is there any Chance to install TVHeadend and the Firmware for my DVBSky Card?

Sorry for my bad English.




Thanks for your Answer. Endless OS runs really smooth on my HTPC.
Only These 2 Problems:
Can you add TVHeadend to the APP Center and is there any Chance to have write access to /lib/firmware to copy the Firmware Files for my DVB Card.
On Ubuntu LTS there is no Problem, but it looks not so good on a TV Screen. The EOS Shell from Endless OS is just Right!!


You can put the firmware in /var/lib/firmware instead (root access required).
TVHeadend would need to be packaged in Flatpak format for it to become available on Endless, but unfortunately I can’t see any existing efforts to make that happen.

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