Endless OS for Older Systems

Would Endless OS run on older systems like 32-bit or Intel Atom Netbooks?

I’m afraid Endless OS doesn’t support 32-bit CPUs. Here are a couple of pages from our support site describing hardware requirements and unsupported systems. The best way to check whether a system can run Endless OS is to try it with a live USB stick.

(If the system is running Windows, the Endless Installer for Windows will also tell you if the system has a 32-bit CPU and won’t be able to run Endless.)

Hi again ramcq…

I am from Campeche, Mexico. I am trying to implement the EndLess OS system in 12 elementary schools (almost 120 computer + almost 60 laptops from teachers).

Unfortunately, the computer of the elementary schools are old computers (32 bit CPU) and there is no budget for new equipment. Is there any old version of EndLess that could be working on these computers?

Our first public release (the 2.6 version) was already using a 64-bit kernel even though it had 32-bit userland, so there is no link I can give you to an older version that is 32-bit. It would automatically download an update to the last 2.6 version and stop booting anyway. :frowning:

Are you 100% certain these aren’t 64-bit CPUs? The Windows installer program will check before proceeding and give you an error if it really is a 32-bit system, or you can check /proc/cpuinfo on Linux. Most systems since 2007 have been 64-bit, so it’s very common for machines even as far back as XP, Vista and 7 to actually be 64-bit CPUs even though the installed OS is 32-bit (the biggest reason was hardware and other drivers from earlier versions of Windows such as 2000 and XP which would only load on a 32-bit Windows).

On systems really older than this, I’m not sure that the experience would be good with Endless because we also ideally need a supported GPU for hardware accelerated 3D. We have a software fallback, but if the system is so old it doesn’t have a 64-bit CPU, the performance of this wouldn’t be great.


Thanks Rob!

The specifications from the final users say 32-bit CPU. I will try to install EndLess SO 3.0.4 despite the specifications on the paper. The computers are from 20010.

Or do you recommend to try another version?

It’s common for people to check their Windows version and see 32-bit, and assume that means they have a 32-bit machine. With 2010, you should be OK. Give the latest version a try - you can always use a Live USB to test if it boots before proceeding with anything, but also under Windows the dual-boot installer will check the CPU and give you an error if it’s a 32-bit CPU anyway.

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Hi Rob…

What about machines with uefi-32 bits?

No support at present / planned. Can you enable CSM? Might appear in the firmware settings as Legacy Mode, Windows 7 or BIOS Compatibility.

Hi, dear! I Have notebook Packerd Bell dot s with intel aton n2600 on board. On website Intel said,the it support 64 bit instructions. But I can start computer with USB Stick. Can you tell me Endless OS support my notebok or not? thank you.

Hi @Kir_Sun, this CPU is 64-bit capable. Generally if you can boot and run Endless OS from the USB and it works well, you can be very confident that it will also boot and run from the laptop hard drive after you install it. It should just boot and run faster as running from the USB can use more memory and really slow things down.

Thank you @ramcq for your answere! That’s the problem! First of all, it can’t make usb stick in standard mode, on 2 step 0% it stops and write to me “oops, something wrong writing Endless OS to your USB device…” and after that my flash disappear on my PC (windows 7)
When I make USB stick manual by Rufus 3.4 - the USB is OK, and I choose Endless OS on NETbook then the cursor is
blinking and nothing happens…(