Endless OS is frozen on screen. Help me open it up. I tried booting and this is what came on the monitor.Please help


I didn’t update the Endless OS. It just froze, opened sluggishly after about 30 minutes, and the files won’t open at all, including Eos diagnostics. See the screeopennshot of the files won’t open.

The command you need to type in the Terminal is:


(Note the dash between the two words)

If it complains about I/O problems, please post a photo of the output of the following command:

dmesg | grep -i sd[a-z]

In many cases, when I/O problems occur, this has to do with a defective HDD/SSD.

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On typing eos-diagnostics, the result I got was as in this screenshot here

A read-only filesystem typically means, that either:

  • The HDD is going to die
  • The Filesystem is corrupted

To analyze the reason, type the following:

sudo dmesg | grep -i sd[a-z]

Then post a Photo of the output.