Endless OS provide Database Application like PostgreSQL or MySQL?

I’m new in Endless OS, before this I use Ubuntu. Is in Endless OS provide application that support for software development. E.g database application like PostgreSQL or MySQL?

@idharf In the Endless Store have the applications Sequeler, DBeaver Community and DataGrip

Sorry if this so basic. Sequeler, DBeaver and DataGrip looks like IDE for databases. For this moment, what I want is how to install PostgreSQL in Endless OS. Just info, MySQL was installed well.

@ramcq @wjt Could help?

We don’t provide PostgreSQL or a way to install new system-wide services in general. You may be able to use a third-party standalone distribution of it, like https://bitnami.com/stack/postgresql/installer, but we don’t support that. We hope to provide a way to run Docker-style containers in future.

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Docker +1, can’t wait