Endless OS tá lento e programas também

Bom dia,

tenho um ACER Aspire 3 e o Endless OS tá cada vez mais lento. Rodei o comando " eos-diagnostics" e o resultado é este:
eos-diagnostic-220816_103257_UTC-0300.txt (1,3,MB)

O que pode estar acontecendo e como arrumo o problema?



first of all, please update your installation to the latest version available by either using the updater in the settings app, or by opening a Terminal and running:

eos-updater-ctl update --force

Additionally, what exactly do you mean by “getting slower”? Getting slower compared to some time ago, or slower when you are using the device?

how can i see the total ammount of gigas necessary to usptade Endless OS?

You have plenty of free disk space according to your diagnostic, so you should be fine. If you mean the total download volume, it’s ranging from a few hundered MiB to a low number of GiB.

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