Endless OS's next gen evolution

It would be really, really awesome if Endless OS could evolve into something like Vanilla Linux OS, which, like Endless OS, uses an immutable system, but allows for the installation of different package formats.

Is the Endless Community looking into this kind of a next gen evolution considering we are in an era where a lot of innovation is being generated at a rapid pace, making it not so easy or feasable for developers to maintain flatpak versions of their apps and tools.

Demo: www<.>youtube<.>com/watch?v=peDeqIWIyws

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[What are the main benefits and resources offered within the Endless Community for users and enthusiasts seeking to explore and maximize the potential of the Endless OS and its associated applications?]
[What are some key features and collaborative opportunities available within the Endless Community that empower users to explore, learn, and contribute to the development and growth of the Endless OS?]

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