Endless PC Hangs frequently



Why does my PC hangs often whenever i am working… ? I run endless version 3.5.3.with 8gig ram. I observed that the memory ussage is always close to 6,5gig usage. What could likely be the problem and the solution.

thank you


Something that would help us a lot to understand the problem would be this:

  1. Open the application called ‘Terminal’
  2. In this application run the command:


  1. The above command will create a file with the information of your system (example: eos-diagnostic-160614_111731_UTC + 0100.txt); Send us this file so we can analyze and see a possible solution


eos-diagnostic-190115_212028_UTC 0100.txt (2.8 MB)


Hello i just want to hear any update on this?


@Yaqub_Omofoyewa Upgrade to Endless OS 3.5.4



@wjt @Daniel @ramcq Could help?


Does this happen more often when you use particular apps? For example, in your log, I see you are using Boxes to run a Windows virtual machine, and I see many lines like this:

Jan 15 21:19:15 endless org.gnome.Boxes[1277]: Memory pressure relief: Total: res = 11472896/11472896/0, res+swap = 7184384/7184384/0
Jan 15 21:19:45 endless org.gnome.Boxes[1277]: Memory pressure relief: Total: res = 11472896/11472896/0, res+swap = 7188480/7188480/0
Jan 15 21:20:15 endless org.gnome.Boxes[1277]: Memory pressure relief: Total: res = 11468800/11423744/-45056, res+swap = 7192576/7192576/0

Does this problem occur more often when you’re running that VM?

If you wait a while, does the system eventually recover?


no the system does not recover. Everything freezes!


How about the other questions I asked?


Yes @will. mostly when I run Genome Box…win VM and Ubuntu too. It freezes.

Omofoyewa,yaqub Ajibola


Can you clarify that it’s the Endless system that freezes, not the virtual machine? (If the virtual machine is full-screen, it might be hard to tell the two apart!)


It is the Endless OS that freezes. If it were to be the VM loaded in the
Genome Box, I can easily exit it and restart.

Omofoyewa,yaqub Ajibola


Can you try adjusting (up, or down!) the amount of memory that GNOME Boxes assigns to the virtual machine?


I only assign 2gig Memory out of my 8gig RAM on the VM.

Omofoyewa,yaqub Ajibola


Can you try adjusting that number (down, or up) to see if it changes the result?


thank you wjt. i already did the adjustment.It looks good for now. I will observe this for few hours and revert back. But what i think is that I think Endless OS consumes alot of RAM when using the kernel for Virtual machine. Like right now i am only running Windows 10 VM on my Genome Box and just about 3 pages of chrome page. The ram consumption is already about 75% usage.see attached

So i think this invariably means that when i increase perform another tasks,the PC will hang. Please,What could be done to limit the ram consumption on my PC?.


If you use Google Chrome, it has the disadvantage that it does basically no memory management on Linux - so it doesn’t free any memory or unload tabs if your system is low on memory. Usually when people run out of RAM, it’s due to Google Chrome. The Chromium browser built in to Endless has patches (from Chrome OS) which listen to how much RAM is being used, and to free up memory if the system is low on resources. Firefox is also far more memory-efficient than Google Chrome, so you could try that too. If you have apps based on Electron (eg Slack, Spotify, etc) they are also basically separate copies of Google Chrome, so have the same memory problem - you can try loading the web versions as tabs/windows in the browser and that will save memory too.


i am still having similar problem even while i am not running a Genome boxes nor Google chrome. I am using the Chromium with multiple tabs only to woke up this morning and observed that my systems hanged up again and the fan kept running at a high speed until i forcefully shut it down.

I have tried all known possibilities, still wondering why the PC hangs frequently.is this how i will continue???..i like this OS but i am getting frustrated on this frequent hangs.

Please can anybody still help???


@Yaqub_Omofoyewa Sorry you’re still experiencing issues. Your log from before shows some warnings about the CPU temperature getting too high, and the OS reducing the speed of the CPUs and closing down cores. This could be a software problem, that something is stuck in an infinite loop and is making the CPU work too hard, or it could also indicate a hardware problem like a slow/broken fan, blocked vents, etc. Could you give us an updated diagnostic log from after your system has been in normal use (eg just before you finish at the end of the day) and your usual apps, Chromium etc are running?