Endless + Windows10

since I will have to start working from home, I’ll have to switch to W10 since my employer programs does not support any other OS.
How can I install W10 on my laptop so I could have both OS, W10 for work, and Endless for my personal usage?
I downloaded the W10 .iso image but I donnt know how to run it.
Thanks for helping.

Unfortunately we only support installing Endless alongside Windows where Windows is the first OS. Back up all your data. Install Windows 10, erasing all data on the disk. Go to endlessos.com and download the Endless installer, and then install Endless again that way.


We are very sorry to hear that Endless OS did not fulfill your needs, unfortunately, the installation of other OS which is not Endless OS is out of our hands

That’s a pity,
Is it maybe possible to run/install W10 through the BIOS if I had a W10 burned to any usb card?
Or will it erase all of my data if I run W10 that way?

If you install Windows 10 after EOS, the Windows 10 Setup will make your system at least unbootable in the best case (if you install Windows 10 to another partition/disk) or completely delete it (if you remove every existing partition).

So if you need to go the route to Windows 10, you first need to make a backup of all relevant data before proceeding.

Instructions on how to create a USB from the Windows 10 ISO:

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I would suggest instead installing Windows 10 inside GNOME Boxes, running it as a virtual machine (similar to VMWare or VirtualBox). You can find Boxes in the App Center - https://flathub.org/apps/details/org.gnome.Boxes - and then it will automatically be able to install Windows 10 from your .iso file.

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I second @ramcq 's suggestion. Run W10 inside of a virtual box. That is the best option.

Another thing you can do is, if you’re using a desktop, simply use a separate SSD and install windows on it.

What apps / software do you use for work? There is a replacement for almost everything on linux. I have been a long time Windows user and I recently switched full time to linux. Here are the replacements / apps that I use for work that are not available in Linux from the OEM/provider.

  1. Office 365 (I usually use the web version anyways even on windows)
    –> Only Office - FREE
    –> Prospect Mail (is basically as wrapper for outlook 365) - FREE

  2. Adobe PDF
    –> Foxit Reader - FREE

  3. One Drive (Personal, work and Sharepoint Site)
    –> rclone (if you are comfortable with terminal) - FREE
    –> expandrive (has a GUI, does what rclone does) - PAID

  4. MS Teams - available via store as MS built it for Linux :slight_smile:

  5. VS Code - same as above; available

For running windows apps on linux check out

  1. Wine (free utility) but it may not run all programs well; I don’t personally use it.
  2. Crossover (paid) - heard great things about it; again, I don’t personally use it.
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