EOS 4.0 image install fail on Intel Alder Lake CPU

Device : ASUS ExpertBook laptop with Alder Lake CPU
Endless Version : 4.0
OEM image : eosoem-eos4.0-amd64-amd64.211123-040057.en.img.gz
installer image : eosinstaller-eos4.0-amd64-amd64.211123-035455.base.img.xz

Installation Step :

  1. Create Reformatter USB drive
  2. Install by USB drive

Description : EOS image install fail on Alder Lake CPU device
step 1. Reboot device from Reformatter USB drive, then the screen frozen on ASUS Logo.
step 2.
a. Press power-button to re-start the device, system will enter GRUB menu.

b. After verbose, the screen frozen and black .

Update for more testing information :

I used the same device to test other OS.
It’s able to install by Ubuntu 21.10 desktop and Fedora 35 workstation.
Does EOS 4.0 still not support Intel Alder Lake chipset ?


Thanks for your information!

EOS 4.0’s kernel 5.11.x has not supported Intel Alder Lake, yet.
After checked the Linux kernel’s commit logs, the Intel Alder Lake is still under development to have more improvement in latest kernel.
The new EOS 5 will include kernel 5.15 (the latest mainline Linux kernel LTS version) and other related packages. It may have better support for Intel Alder Lake.

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Hi ,

Thanks for your feedback!

We found below EOS 5.0.0 release notes on Endless web, is there any estimated time of 5.0.0 release ?
Endless OS 5.0.0 (UNRELEASED) Release Notes | Endless OS Support Site

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