Eos-Apps or Flathub

Can anyone tell me if the eos-apps repository is currently live? Or an application, for example Google Chrome, can only be updated from Flathub.

Endless OS is designed to use flatpak applications. As far as I know they use the main flattub repository for most applications as well as having a flatpak repository for applications that are specific to Endless.

There are ways to layer in other applications. Information for that can be unearthed at https://support.endlessos.org/en/dev

I had a problem with Google Chrome and wanted to update it. Chrome was originally installed from the eos-apps repository. But now, for reasons unknown to me, this repository is unavailable. So I was wondering: is it possible to update Chrome from the Flathub repository, where it is also located?
However, this is no longer important. I tried this and the result was fatal - the system froze during the update process and I had to abort the update.
Now I can’t install any app from Flathub.
I’ll probably have to deal with reinstalling Endless OS.

It’s quiet here. :slight_smile:

I installed Google Chrome from EOS Apps just 2 or 3 days ago. Is is still unavailable for you?