Epson L380 scanner not working


Installed 3.6.2. Printer L380 installed propely but scanner not working. Is there any way to make the scanner working.


Solved the problem [Thanks to google-(]. First tried to add user to group ‘lp’ via adduser command in the terminal… However, it returned error that group ‘lp’ does not exist in /etc/group file. So I looked for the scanner id by using ‘lsusb’ command. Then found the device id file in '/dev/usb/00*" Changed the group of the device id file to the group ‘lpadmin’ which was mentioned in /etc/group file, logged out and logged in and the scanner started working.


Glad you could find a workaround! Could you connect the scanner, run eos-diagnostics, and attach the file here? What were the permissions on the device file before you changed them? (The output of ls -l /dev/usb while the scanner is attached would be great.)


As advised -

  1. The eos-diagnostic file is attached.
    eos-diagnostic-190820_235141_UTC 0530.txt (600.5 KB)
  2. The output of ls -l /dev/usb -
    $ ls -l /dev/usb
    total 0
    crw-rw---- 1 root lp 180, 0 Aug 20 23:51 lp0

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