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Buenas amigos, disculpen he intentado crear un USB con Endless pero este no me funciona, en endless-installer me tira “desafortunadamente algo salio mal”, de igual forma intente con Rufus, lo mismo me sucede…

Me intersa mucho contar con la ayuda de ustedes que hago mal o que me esta fallando, la USB no esta mala intente con otras usb y otra computadora.

Gracias desde ya por su ayuda.
Adjunto log.

EndlessInstaller20190708_22_13_11.log (56,3 KB)


(Sorry, I don’t speak Spanish.)

Here is the error:

22:21:23 - c:\projects\rufus\src\endless\endlessusbtooldlg.cpp:5305 CEndlessUsbToolDlg::WriteBIOSBootPartitionToUSB
22:21:23 - c:\projects\rufus\src\endless\ioutil.cpp:24 ReadEntireFile C:\Users\promi\AppData\Local\Temp\EndlessBoot\live\core.img
22:21:23 -   Write error [0x       2] - retrying...
22:21:24 -   Write error [0x       2] - retrying...
22:21:24 -   Write error [0x       2]
22:21:24 - c:\projects\rufus\src\endless\endlessusbtooldlg.cpp:5321 Error writing BIOS boot partition (GLE=[2])
22:21:24 - c:\projects\rufus\src\endless\endlessusbtooldlg.cpp:4816 Error on WriteBIOSBootPartitionToUSB (GLE=[2])
22:21:24 - CreateUSBStick exited with error.

I have tried and failed to fully fix this bug before, but if I remember rightly, this process would often fail the first time, but succeed if you immediately choose to try again. Please try that.

If that fails, you have three other options:

  • Hold Shift on the first page of the Endless Installer, and click the link to create a USB stick. You’ll be given two different options, both of which use different code to write the data to the USB stick so may work better:
    • Live USB: this can be used to try Endless, though you can’t install it to a hard disk. You won’t need to download any further files to use tihs.
    • Reformatter USB: this can be used to reformat a computer with Endless, erasing all other OSes and data on the disk. You’ll need to download around 700 MB to use this option.
  • Download an ISO file from the Mac/Linux tab of and use Rufus to write this to the USB stick. This is likely to be the most reliable, but you’ll have to download the whole image again in ISO format. You say in your message (via Google Translate):

likewise try Rufus, the same thing happens to me …

Does Rufus generate a log file when it fails? If so, you could attach that here too.

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