Error: no such device: ostree HELP!?!?

Firstly I went to download endless os and after install I received a message that is now on repeat and I can’t do anything with the laptop.

You can try installing Endless again by booting from a USB drive. But that would mean wiping the computer, and you didn’t mention if it also has Windows on it.

It was an attempt to dual boot so yes it has windows as well I’m sure it was an issue with the partition on the hard drive. So your saying with a separate computer create a live flash drive with endless and by inserting in this one it should boot endless and wipe the laptop? I’m okay with this if it will work I won’t lose much info on windows side and would rather have a working laptop.

Yes that’s what I’m saying. There are instructions here:

You also might be able to recover files from your Windows partition by mounting it in the Disks application using a live Endless USB.

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