Error: no such device: ostree


Hello, I’ve turned on my computer and I got this error spamming, I can’t even type. I have windows computers, so I have no idea what to do with linux OS.


@mwleeds could help?



Can you follow the instructions here: 3.6.0 not loading, how to rollback?


I do have 2 options to boot, but both have the same error, the second only have a little better resolution.


I don’t know what you mean. Maybe you could take pictures, both of the options given at boot and what you see if you choose each one?


Holding shift does nothing, ESC gave me boot options and I have Uefi OS and Endless OS and Setup-bios. Uefi and Endless, both gave me the same error, just better resolution on endless. Now I know that wasn’t what I should do, but I can’t get into GRUB, I tried many times, but I just can’t press ESC at the right time.


It would still be helpful if you sent photos of the boot options and results of booting each.

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