Failed to install something


Users in Indonesian complaining about why they always failed to install when they connection not stable or using FUP (Fair Usage Policy) connection, i.e., about 60ies kB/s.

One of example is user that try to install Ini Budi (, he got "galat: Saat menarik.... connection terminated unexpectedly", trying again and the error message same. Ini Budi is a good apps for education and it contains interactive video, but the apps size is big.

That user also said that he can only download about 50ies MB. Since apps from Flathub (and their runtimes) are huge, the user will always failed to install.

The question is how Endless face this situation especially in Indonesia?

cc: @nuritzi @mhall119


@ramcq is there a way for interrupted downloads to resume from where they left off?


Resuming the download should be automatic when you try again, at least if you continue before rebooting.


I think the problem is not only about size, but also international connection. It’s incredibly slow.


use Indonesian CDN might be better, we can help to test it


For the Flathub apps we’re nearly ready to switch on the Fastly CDN which should really improve things - at the moment Flathub only has 2x servers in London, UK. So having anything closer will be a big improvement.

For Endless, we have a CDN already (Cloudfront from Amazon) but it doesn’t have a lot of presence in south east Asia, so we are investigating different options.


I’ve turned on Fastly CDN for Flathub, please let me know if it seems to work better now!


thanks @ramcq i’ll check later

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