Fastly Community Spotlight: bridging the digital divide with The Endless OS Foundation

From Fastly blog:

Over the past several years, the unequal distribution of internet performance and access across socioeconomic and geographic lines — commonly referred to as the digital divide — has become increasingly stark. And the COVID-19 pandemic threw this global access disparity into sharper focus: in April 2020, we found that the lowest-income neighborhoods in the United States had download speeds that were 41.4% lower than neighborhoods with the highest income brackets, and that ISPs and mobile providers have the power to provide greater capacity and remove bandwidth restrictions and have done so amid the global health crisis.

In the year since, many stop-gap solutions have been put in place to bridge the gap between students with internet connectivity and those without. However, many of those solutions will expire in the next one to three years. We wanted to take a look at ways edtech organizations and other companies can help bridge the digital divide today — and permanently. We sat down with Rob McQueen, the CEO of the Endless OS Foundation, a member of our Open Source & Nonprofit Program, to learn how they’re serving students in every part of the world.

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