File system is read-only


I want to install some programms from terminal or deb packages, but I see the Error in all variants. So who do I can to fix the Error:“File system is read-only.”?


Simply, you can’t without breaking your system. EOS is built around the concept of OSTree and Flatpak, so most of the system is read-only. You install applications normally, by either:

  1. Downloading them directly via the App Store as pre-built Flatpaks
  2. Or build them by yourself from Flatpak Manifests


Thank you, but how do I can install wine?


The best way to accomplish your goal is to make Flatpaks of those Windows applications or games that either bundle Wine or use a shared Wine runtime. And while that’s not one of Endless’s own goals,there are people working on it and we will benefit from that work



What applications or games do you want to install?

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