Fingerprint verification on edless

how to perform fingerprint verification on Edless? as I understand it, this is not possible?

It should work … but i can’t verify it right now, as i don’t have a supported Biometric reader on the device i’m currently on.


Enable Fingerprint Reader for Authentication purposes

sudo pam-auth-update --force

There, select Fingerprint and commit your changes.

Enroll your Fingerprint

You can either use the GNOME GUI (Settings → Users), or the command line tools.

There are various commands on the command line:

  • fprintd-enroll to enroll a new Fingerprint for authentication
  • fprintd-verify to check a Fingerprint
  • fprintd-list to list enrolled Fingerprints
  • fprintd-delete to remove enrolled Fingerprints

but it didn’t help. There is no option in the user menu. The error “list_devices failed: No devices available” appeared in the terminal"

Can you please run:


and post it’s output here. Either your Fingerprint device is not supported or disabled in the BIOS.