[Fixed] Icon Taskbar bug 3.6.1


Bug in icon taskbar: the indicator of the application in foreground dont find if you change application with alt/tab or with the expo display. The indicator display the right application in foreground only if you change on click. tested in 3.6 and 3.6.1 ; wiork fine in 3.5

eos-diagnostic-190717_154341_UTC 0200.txt (674,1 Ko)


Ok. i think i have not explain correctly , sorry, English is not my best language.
So here a link to video than explain the problem.
Look at the bottom left icons bar.

thank you for your return.



Thanks for the video. That does look like a bug. @wjt any comments?


I believe this will be fixed in 3.6.2, which is likely to be released next week. I expect to publish a beta in the next couple of days.


Fixed in 3.6.2 beta 1.

thank you