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Flatpak apps can be installed through app center. But once we get Dev environment through flatpak Sdk how to install terminal based packages and libraries. Are there source based library or packages available in flatpak that can be installed through sdk shell?


If you install some SDK or Development Environment through flatpak, you get everything you need to use it. If you for example, install the Freedesktop SDK with:
flatpak install org.freedesktop.Sdk//18.08
you can then open up a corresponding environment with:
flatpak run --command=sh --filesystem=host org.freedesktop.Sdk//18.08
This will give you a sandboxed environment with full access to the hosts filesystem to build stuff.


I tried but ostree is mounted read only. fstab has read only entry and further it is owned by id 0 and not editable. I have gnome sdk sandbox


Indeed, you can’t install new things onto the ostree root. This is part of ostree’s design.

However the suggestion given above uses flatpak to create a sandbox where you have more freedom.
You can also use podman or toolbox on Endless to create and manage containers where you have full access (some notes here: Release | Endless OS 3.6.0).

These approaches are perhaps similar to the GNOME SDK sandbox that you have created, but they are done in a more organised and industry-standard fashion.

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