Flutter SDK and Android Studio

Can I install Android Studio and Flutter SDK on Endless OS.
Also, does Endless support Intelliji and Eclipse IDEs

We have the aforementioned apps for Linux. Can that be installed on Endless

Android Studio, Eclipse IDEs and IntelliJ are available on the App Center

“Toolbox” command for development: Building on the container support added in 3.6.0, Endless OS now includes toolbox, which can be used to manage containers for development and debugging. We also include a ‘docker’ command as an alias for ‘podman’, allowing more existing tools and scripts which expect to use Docker to work on Endless OS.

Beginning with version 3.0 Endless OS adopted Flatpak, a new application distribution system.

We have Flutter SDK for Linux. Can we install it on Endless OS.

You can install using the toolbox command. I recommend reading the toolbox command documentation at github.com/debarshiray/toolbox/tree/master/doc

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