For qualitative analysis

Hello, I would like to know if for Endless, there is a tool similar to Atlas-ti, NVivo, MAXQDA or IRAMUTEC, which are used for qualitative data analysis, or if any of those can be installed in some way in Endless.

So, what alternatives are there? Somebody could help me?

You could install Fedora or Debian in a container in Endless OS, instructions are in the developer documentation. Perhaps easier you could spin up a minimal VM in Gnome Boxes and install an OS that runs those tools and use them that way. Gnome Boxes can save state so you have it set though Gome Boxes would start right into the application you want.

If you want them as a direct application for Endless you can contact the developers and see if they would package them as flatpaks which can be installed directly into Endless.

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You could install JupyterLab from the app centre and carry out data analysis in Python. You could also install tools such as RStudio in a toolbox container.

Sadly none of those apps are available for Linux so this is unlikely to be an option.

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More generally, this Wikipedia page lists a number of qualitative analysis packages available for Linux. You may be able to use some of those, again most likely in a toolbox container.