Freecad dwg converter


Hello i am trying to install a dwg converter in endless os but i cant
Its for converting autocad files to freecad
Its from this link
can it be included in the app manager ( i am pretty new to endless os)


The main problem here is, that FreeCAD currently can’t directly import DWG files, as this is the AutoCAD native 2D File format. You need to convert the DWG to something more standard like DXF before it can be imported in FreeCAD using it’s built in importer.

There’s currently only a few non open converters able to do this job and none of them is currently available as a Flatpak for direct execution under EOS. So, until someone get’s its hands dirty and creates a Flatpak, your best bet would be to use a online conversion service to throw the DWG onto and get a DXF back, something like:

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