Getting in touch with the Endless community

There are many ways to connect with the Endless community. Below are links to some of the global and local channels you can join to talk to users, employees, and community leaders involved with Endless OS.

Global channels

Steam Group

By Country

If you have a public group or channel for the Endless community in your country or language, please add it to the list below. If you have any questions about what should be listed here, please mention @ambassadors in a comment on this post.








North America



South America


By Team


Another Indonesia Facebook groups :

Ah, that one’s public, I’ll use it instead thanks!

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Err no - definately Not for me - this social media rubbish.

Firstly Facebook is spying on you as a product, Telegram can hack your ip (and is not secure) AND WhatsApp is not on Ubuntu - Phone.

Hate to say it team, but if you donot have a mastodon server - I ain’t playing ball

You have infuriated me - by asking me to give my credentials to a 3rd party - just because they ‘look good’.

and I am not moving until you do something about it (??)

Why was the slack channel removed ?

The Slack channels weren’t being used as much as we wanted them to be. Telegram and WhatsApp have been far more active and useful to the community. This move was based on the feedback and suggestions we were getting from our community members on the ground.

There is a native Telegram app for Ubuntu Phone, even with push notifications, and it’s no worse for security and privacy than Slack, who was also a 3rd party service provider.

So why do you have the capacity for a Mastodon server for the Free-thinking floss members ?

seems obvious to me.

I have a Mastodon account, though I rarely use it. What would be the benefit of us running a Mastodon server rather than just having an account for Endless?

stature. The stature of Endless belong on mastodon.

Our mission is to bring Endless OS to people who, either because of limited internet or other infrastructure, can’t benefit from traditional operating systems. Being on communication channels used by the community of people who are helping us reach those users directly benefits that mission. I don’t see a similar benefit from us investing in a Mastodon instance.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of Mastodon being both open source and federated. I was an early adopter of the platform a decade ago when they were doing the same thing. But that’s Mastodon’s mission, not ours. We have limited money and manpower, which we need to use wisely and pragmatically to achieve our own goals.

I have 200 bucks and would like to crowdfund thi_os @mh
Talking straightly - could you DM me ? [Endle]

@nonline if you use IRC, we have a #endless channel on freenode. We don’t have a lot of people on there, so we aren’t actively funneling people there, but you can usually reach some of us there.


I already updated

I will switch on to telegram and or irc.