Github usage for iso installer

Hi i was wondering if anyone could share the process to generate the iso installer using the source code from GitHub. wanted to run this in my closed environment of students with predefined settings, themes, control. We do this in Ubuntu right now but this distro looks nice and way more interactive.

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Is this project open source?

Most components of Endless are open source and available in the Github Repository. Some parts like the scripts used to build the Distribution are Endless-internal and not available.

What parts of Endless do you exactly want to customize? It’s possible to configure every aspect from the commandline from remote after deployment.

Some home grown apps for Ubuntu which in .deb, also we customize our OS with predefined set of configs like screensavers for an example, and kick start to deal with it. which is loaded to dozens of PCs via network boot. saves us lot of time and setting up each individual PC.
I believe this project is not purely open source so gonna stick with Ubuntu.

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