Gnome Commander program install to Endles Os

Hello, I want to install the GNOME COMMANDER program on my Linux laptop, which is the endless os 4.0.7 version, and I would be glad if you could help me how to do it. Because I am very new to the Linux operating system, I would be glad if you could help.Asus X15 Vivobook X540UA Laptopum için.

GNOME Commander is currently not available in the App Center as nobody yet has taken on the work to maintain it - one of your community members asked the developer about one year ago if he would be willing to provide it, but nothing surfaced yet.

Is there a specific reason why you want to use GNOME Commander? If you are just looking for a two pane file management solution, i would strongly recommend taking a look at Dolphin (which is KDE’s default filemanager) as it supports two pane layout and workflow.

Hello, the reason I want to use it is a program that I am looking for, I have used the total commander a lot in windows and I am used to it, so I am in search of a similar program. I don’t even use windows explorer in windows, I don’t like the way it’s used. I’m used to the total commander from norton commander. It’s a program I like, so it’s comfortable for me to use, so I’m looking for a similar program that I will use, thank you for your interest.

Just to keep you informed - i started a sideproject in building a Flatpak for GNOME Commander for inclusion in Flathub. Will take a while until it finally gets published as there’s a rather long complex involved. As soon as i finished the initial build i will post a link here to a Flatpak which can be installed outside from App Center on your machine.


Finished the first version, eventually you can test it out:

To install it, just download the file and double-click on it. It will open in App Center and ask for confirmation about the installation. I also submitted a ticket to the developer for publication at Flathub:


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