Google chrome endless

google chrome can not be install.

i’m so sad endless eat all my data to update a lot of think i do not need. imposible to install google chrome. imposible to root, impossible to install paquet .deb. so i will leave endless.

As of version 3.0 Endless OS has adopted Flatpak, a new application distribution system

I have a 4G package of 100 GB a month endless updates have just eat me 30 GB without asking me anything. having a debian system and not having control is a paradox for me.
Do you think I really need Encyclopedia 5.5 GB and everything else? When I can use the internet I am happy when I can not open Google Chrome and use the internet for 1 month, I’m not happy.

You can install the minimal system without all the extras and you can schedule updates. I have not noticed any unusual amounts of data being used by Endless, but I am on an unlimited data plan.

sorry I do not have time to try to understand; I uninstall endless and I install debian