Google Chrome window too wide to fit in screen

eos-diagnostic-200724_130143_UTC 0530.txt (1.1 MB)

Is there a way to make Google Chrome fit in my screen? It was working last night, and Chromium works fine.

Edit: Obviously, resizing didn’t work.

Holy crap, are these open tabs on the top?

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Yep. It didn’t care yesterday. Chromium still doesn’t care.

Edit: To clarify, I didn’t open any new tabs to make this happen.

See if you can reproduce the issue with only one or a few tabs open?

there’s a discussion on reddit. max tabs without issue seems to be 35. over that chrome expands any not maximized window so all the tabs fit in the title bar area… they used to just overflow out of view.

It also appears to have been fixed with a quick update… i haven’t restarted chrome yet though, so i cant verify that.