Hack Lab | Hablas español!

Greetings, Hackers and fans. Today, we’ve got another exciting update for Hack Lab!

Hack Lab now has badges! Complete the activities, and show off your accomplishments to your friends and family!

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The collected badges will show up in the inventory which you can access from the home page of the app.

If you hablas español, you’re in luck - We’re rolling out our first translation of Hack Lab! This includes the User Interface and the content!

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We know how important it is to be able to learn in your language, so if you want to see Hack Lab in your language, we’d love to hear from you!

Privacy and Data Policies…?
As part of following European Union laws about data collection and privacy, we’re updating our privacy policies at Endless.

We wouldn’t mention this if we only cared about complying with the law - instead, this is an opportunity to show you, our users, that it’s important for you to know what data we want to collect and why.
We added Google Analytics to Hack Lab to track where in the world you all connect from, what languages you use, and how you’re using the site. We want to track what activities you enjoy the most, and where you might be hitting bugs or rough spots. We don’t tie this to specific users, though - it’s all anonymous.

You’ll see a little banner asking you about cookies and analytics the next time you go to an Endless website. Please enable cookies if you can!

Happy hacking - we hope to see you on try.hack-computer.com, or here in the forum!


Support for pt_BR :brazil:

Hi Leandro,
thanks for your feedback!

Analytics suggest that we have a high number of users from pt_BR, so localizing the UI and the content would be a very valuable thing. The Web and Processing content will also make it’s way to the Hack Desktop, so localization efforts here will pay back on Hack Desktop as well.
The localization for Hack Lab is not integrated with Transifex. At the moment all the process is handled in Git.

See https://github.com/endlessm/hack-web/blob/master/src/locales/es/translation.json for the UI translation. The quests are translated with individual quest files. Here are the changes for the HTML quest, to translate into Spanish https://github.com/endlessm/hack-web/commit/97fc838dd047e6dd2d549df5b4eb5d47169af1eb

So, we would love to have help with the localization efforts! Let me know if you or someone within your circle would be interested to help with this.


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