Having problems running apps and games.please help

hello, I bought new laptop for my sister long time ago.the laptop seemed fine to me as its specs was decent for my sister to study and play with.long time after my sister asked me if she could play on her laptop, i agreed but when we tried to play steam games it just wouldn’t start with no error. we thought it was steam problem so i tried running Minecraft from store, it opened but the game was laggy and unplayeble. i’m not computer pro but i know laptop with this specs can run some games like damn my old pc runs minecraft, im so frustrated about this i tried looking every where, but no solution. what i think the problem is drivers which i can’t update becouse i don’t know how to work with terminal and endles os’s updates just don’t seem to fix the problem. if anyone can help please share your suggestion with me i really will appriciate any help.
here’s laptop specs:
if you need any more information just tell me i will respond.
thank you and sorry for my bad knownegde of English.

What exactly is the name of the computer?

hello,thank you for response. this is name:HP 255 G8 Notebook PC
and this is result of eos-diagnostics:
eos-diagnostic-221125_175550_UTC 0400.txt (1.8 MB)

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