How do I add myself to the group input?

how do I add myself to the group input?

I am puzzled since I tried sudo usermod -a -G input $user but nothing happens. There is no group input in /etc/group, but sudo addgroup input complains that addgroup: The group 'input' already exists. and a listing of /dev/input lists several devices with group id input

Any help is welcome.

Hi @btreut,
can you give a bit of context, why do you want to add your Endless user to the input group?

I have a framebuffer application, which requires access to mouse/touchpad events and the easiest way (on other Debian derivates like Q4OS) is to add me (and other users who are supposed to use it) to the group input.

The confusion here is probably because the input group is defined in /lib/group because it is a group provided by the base ostree.
I suspect you could duplicate the input group definition in /etc/group and then add yourself to it.

I duplicated input in /etc/group with
sudo grep input /lib/group >> /etc/group
sudo usermod -a -G input $USER
to add myself to the group input.

The result looks good, I did not encounter any side effects.

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