How is major release update handled?


I have been looking at Endless OS with a view to installing it for my Nephew, but I see that there is a new major release (6.0) that could be released soon. What I saw with 5.1.2 seems exceptionally well curated, and configured, although I’m quite conscious that newer versions of Gnome do offer some nice enhancements.

Having not used Endless OS before, I don’t know how this will be handled… is the user kept on the old version with just minor updates as long as possible, do they have to manually force an update to the next major release, is that release offered to them… if they don’t update will the major update be pushed anyway once the old version reaches EoL…

Basically I just need some confirmation of how major release updates are handled, as I’ve not used Endless long enough to know, and I don’t want to commit my nephew if it will be problematic etc…


Thanks for sharing Endless OS with your nephew! The new version will be released as an automatic upgrade (as long as the system goes online) and at that point we won’t produce any further releases of EOS 5. The updated GNOME has some visual improvements but it will feel completely recognisable compared to the current version. The OS update won’t affect the preinstalled and curated content.

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