How to add support for 32 bit applications?

when I try to use I get a strange error message, saying that the executable is not found despite the file is there and readable (i.e. I can see something using the command strings on the executable). So I guess endless OS is missing the support to call a 32 bit executable.

Searching a little bit on the web, I think I have to install support for 32bit. I found hints that there is a flatpak for org.freedeskop.Platform.Compat32, but I am unable to find it (neither with the app manager nor a with a search on flathub).

How do I install it? (Ooops, first half solved: flatpak install flathub org.freedesktop.Platform.Compat32
does the job).

Now the platform is installed, but how do I use it, or better, how do I start a script using that platform?

Hi @btreut,

I don’t think the problem is a lack of 32 bit support. You should be able to run 32 bit linux binaries anywhere you can run 64 bit ones, as far as I’m aware. But looking at that GitHub page they expect you to compile bbcp, and Endless doesn’t come with a compiler or the related tools needed for building software. You could however try to compile using a flatpak runtime, as explained here:

Oops. I know the Windows version of the framework quite well.

Yes, you are correct, they try to compile some modules. But they do not require any of the standard Linux development tools, they use the (32bit) commandline version of their own compiler, and this step, an attempt to call a 32bit binary fails with the error message “file not found”.

On the same notebook (dual booting to siduction from a USB stick) I had also problems until I installed the 32bit architecture and the 32bit gtk libraries (as mentioned in the section about Ubuntu 64bit).