How to create a Windows USB recovery disk in Endless OS?

Hi. I would like to restore the bootmgr in Windows after it was compressed. The system does not boot. I have two laptops:

  • the one working with Endless OS, everything’s fine;
  • the other one with Windows and “bootmgr is compressed, press Ctrl+Alt+Del” (white text error on black screen).

The problem is the following: In Endless OS applications called DISKS and Fedora Media, I want to create a recovery USB stick with Windows on it. I am using the “restore image” option to make that, whatever Windows images I use and whatever file systems (fat32, NTFS) I select, whatever empty USB sticks I use, those recovery sticks do not autorun at both laptops. The legacy mode, the first priority USB and all that stuff widely discussed is set, I tried various combinations, but it seems that it is the application DISKS fails (but I’m not sure, though). Can you provide some advice, please?