How to Fix problem of brightness?

How to Fix problem of brightness?
brightness does not respond

eos-diagnostic-240516_123158_UTC 0700.txt (1,3 MB) eos-diagnostic-240516_123158_UTC 0700.txt (1,3 MB)

Are you trying to adjust the brightness via a key on the keyboard or from Settings?

Have you tried other Linux distros on this device? Can they control the brightness?

I have used Ubuntu. Ubuntu can control brightness. but at the end ubuntu also had problems.

I have ran into that problem in the past, mostly on older laptops. Some designs the screen brightness is a control built into the video card, while in other designs the brightness is controlled by the back light on the LCD panel. So sometimes the control of the brightness is part of the video card driver and in other cases the brightness setting is a function of the BIOS(?).

Generally if the screen brightness is handled by the video card, you will have user accessible control, while in cases where brightness is handled by the LCD panel hardware, you will very often not have user control. What works is dependent on the hardware mfg and the OS you are using. It is not uncommon to find laptops where you have brightness controls in Windows, but lack functional brightness controls in some flavors of Linux.

Okay, thanks for the information.
I will try it.

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